Andrzejewski Runs for Governor

Click here to watch the Illinois Channel interview with declared GOP candidate for Illinois governor Adam Andrzejewski. It’s about 35 minutes long and covers his business background, his dad’s runs for state rep. against George Ryan in the ’70s, budget strategies (the 14-18 minute stretch is the most interesting to me), schools, and environmental regulation. … Continue reading Andrzejewski Runs for Governor

Lyons Township and the Very Large Accrued Leave Payout

Apparently this became a story when an employee of the Better Government Association looked up a salary at Open the Books, an online database of Illinois public employee and government financial information. Open the Books is a project of For the Good of Illinois, a good-government organization founded by former gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski. Vive … Continue reading Lyons Township and the Very Large Accrued Leave Payout

Breakfast and FOIA with the Attorney General

Attorney General Lisa Madigan gave an overview of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and proposed changes at a breakfast by the Better Government Association. The room in the Union League of Chicago was a little dark, perhaps because bright lights would not be friendly to the artwork on the walls. None of my pictures … Continue reading Breakfast and FOIA with the Attorney General

School Transparency Update, 9/3/08

The “Open Book Revolution” continues. Adam Andrzejewski of For The Good of Illinois Foundation reports that Illinois, with 25 school districts, is now 2nd only to Texas when it comes to the number of school districts posting check registers online. The 25 districts represent annual budgets totaling $1.903 billion, says Andrzejewski.

“Open Book Revolution” & DeKalb

This is about a relatively new but promising resource for Illinois activists at the local level. It’s called For the Good of Illinois and the goal is simple: Help community activists take steps for greater transparency in local government. Its mission: For The Good Of Illinois was founded to empower regular people with the means … Continue reading “Open Book Revolution” & DeKalb