Be Prepared

Zombie forecast: 99.9% chance of infestation in DeKalb today.

This is a few Halloweens old, but the advice is timeless.

Zombies Lurch Into Town Tomorrow

zombie babyDaily Chronicle:

Zombies are slated to meet at 5 p.m. at the Holmes Student Center at NIU, then walk along Lincoln Highway, Annie Glidden Road, Lucinda Avenue and along the DeKalb Nature Trail near the East Lagoon.

Brown said Saturday’s walk is a test-run and he hopes to help organize another one closer to Halloween. He said he was surprised by the response and support the event has gotten not only from students, but from people in the community.


DeKalb Zombie Walk 2011 Facebook page has nearly 600 participants signed up. The page includes a map and rules.

Found: DeKalb Zombies!

The Zombies of DeKalb group is planning a walk the evening of April 16. Over 500 people have signed up so far.

The organizers are the most thoughtful of undeadheads. They have a long list of guidelines for the walk, including admonishments not to hold up traffic while street-crossing (shuffle faster!) nor to bleed on DeKalb sidewalks.

Be still my heart.
zombie baby


DeKalb Zombie Walk 2011

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DeKalb Should Welcome Zombies

OK, I’m outing myself as a Halloween-o-phile. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple months.

zombie babyIf we want to get NIU students, local teens and hip families downtown, DeKalb should host a zombie walk during Halloween weekend. Locate zombie headquarters at the Egyptian Theatre to tie into its Amenti Haunted House, and develop fabulous downtown discounts for people dressing the part. Recruit bands to play “Thriller” and “Monster Mash.”

If this idea has legs (and/or braynz), remember where you heard it first. ;-)

Rosin Eating Zombies

Or, worse yet, an orchestra teacher who actually insists you practice.

Bet Dundee’s wondering how DeKalb ever let her go.


This one’s going viral and I’d hate for you to be seen as uncool by not being among the first to view it:

[Update: Spoiler alert, sort of: Recommended that you watch the video before reading the comments.]