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From the Daily Chronicle yesterday:

DeKALB – Some members of the DeKalb City Council raised concerns Monday about the lack of a basement in the new DeKalb police station.

The issue surfaced while a representative from PSA Dewberry, the architecture firm in charge of designing the $12 million building, as well as a construction manager and city officials, gave the council an update on the building’s design phase.

“The lowest level was the most expensive real estate on the entire project,” [Public Works director T.J.] Moore said. “… We could get everything we absolutely needed to have by giving up something we wanted to have.”

Apparently, there are costs associated with the necessity of moving a sewer line on the proposed police station property. Read the rest of this entry

Sanitary District Catch-Up

A couple weeks ago, a neighbor asked about the status of the DeKalb Sanitary District’s pursuit of city approval for a “biosolids barn,” and I realized I haven’t read San meeting minutes since the DeKalb High School lift station fiasco. Here are few items of possible interest gleaned in the catch-up efforts.

December 8, 2009: This was a special meeting, an executive session to discuss personnel, but was conducted as an open meeting to discuss the requirements and timeline for recruiting a new district manager to replace the retiring Mike Zima.

December 16, 2009: In response to a public inquiry about the biosolids project, San officials state that the District has the project on hold in order to investigate another site for it. Read the rest of this entry