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2008 Aug FPC Minutes p 1 Read the rest of this entry

As noted earlier, District 428 cannot find a way to fully staff the new DeKalb High School with custodians. Decisions made in 2008, as detailed in the following Facilities Planning Facility meeting minutes below, helped lead to today’s failure. Read the rest of this entry

FPC Meeting 9/9

The materials sub-committee starts at 3:30 p.m., full Facilities Planning Committee at 6:30 p.m. Plans for the high school are being wrapped up.

Then they will discuss Phase II, including floating ideas about consolidating some of the elementary schools.

High school core for 3000 and initial classroom space for 2500, and they still think Phase II will pass? What color is the sky in their world?

FPC Meeting 8/20/08

There were meetings about police station funding and the new schools last night. I am very interested in the new station but since I wrote a letter about the high school it seemed fitting to attend the latter meeting.

The core size of the high school, at 3000, is treated as a done deal by the Facilities Planning Committee. Last night they were trying to decide on initial classroom capacity and it looks like they’ve landed on 2500. One member cautioned against “lopping off” classroom space as it would cramp the style of his wife the teacher, who knows ever so much more about educating our kids than we do so would we please just leave all this to the professionals.

Here’s what the professionals have in store for us:

  • “Infrastructure,” such as lighting, for a stadium that is supposed to be privately funded. High school principal Lindsey Hall made sure to clarify this as “just one idea brought up and discussed,” but I mean, really, look at their track record of saying “no” to any of these ideas.
  • Expanding the size of the indoor track. “Is the track big enough?” asked school board president Mike Verbic. “No!” was the emphatic response. They badly need to spend $2 million more to bring it up to par.
  • A library capacious enough to house a coffee shop.
  • Yours truly was paid a huge compliment when, at the end of the meeting, it became apparent that several FPC members had spent a whole day analyzing my letter so they could ambush me with it. Read the rest of this entry

    FPC, DAWC Dates

    The Facilities Planning Committee will meet again Wednesday, August 20, at 6:30 p.m. Question: How many guests from the general public does it take to prevent heckling of FPC members who want to talk about downsizing the core of the new high school in response to the latest enrollment projections? Answer: More than 3.

    The DeKalb Area Women’s Center is still in need of cleanup help resulting from the blown-over chimney. They haven’t had an estimator out so I’m not talking about getting on the roof yet, just about picking up the rubble from the ground. Let me know which of the next 3 weekends (NOT including this one, the 15th-16th) you’d be willing and able to join a work crew and whether a Friday or Saturday would suit you best. You can commit yourself here or via e-mail (yinn422ATyahooDOTcom). As soon as we have a group and a date I’ll find out whether we’ll need to rent a Dumpster so if anyone has inside info on that, let me know.

    FPC Meeting: No Report

    I’d like to report on the FPC meeting but can’t. I missed too much. You see, for much of the meeting there were too many simultaneous “mini meetings” going on in the back between school board members and administrators and, at times, something almost akin to heckling. Now, I admit to having a moderate hearing impairment on one side, but it was still one of the rudest displays I’ve ever seen by a bunch who are supposed to be professionals.

    Confidence-inspiring it wasn’t.

    FPC Meeting 7/22

    The next meeting of the Facilities Planning Committee will be Tuesday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the District 428 Admin building. Be there or…you know. Guessing they’ll be talking some more about the new high school projections and what they’re going to do about them.

    FPC Meeting 7/1/08

    Last night the Facilities Planning Committee were handed revised enrollment projections for the district. The growth outlook has changed so much since the referendum passed that it seemed logical to assume that they might consider shrinking the capacity of the high school a bit in order to ensure we don’t overbuild and to save a few bucks.

    So much for logic.

    The administrative faction along with at least one school board member seem unable to adapt to the changing circumstances. And if you don’t share their rosy picture of the future, you get called a “pessimist.” Read the rest of this entry

    Next FPC Meeting 7/1

    The school district’s Facilities Planning Committee will meet July 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the Admin Building boardroom. The FPC Advisory Committee will meet the same day, same place at 3 p.m. Says Ivan:

    You do know that the money they have from the sale of the bonds is in an account drawing interest already? Now you do. You see, that interest money they make does not have to be used for the purpose of the referendum or for the purpose of paying down the bonds. They can use it for ANYTHING they desire. My guess is talks may be coming around for contracts but I may just be guessing. Several of us still believe that there are many in the administration that did not believe the referendum would pass and now that it did, they are off to the races with their hidden agendas.

    I notice they are working on the high school parking lot.

    FPC Bombshell

    The Facilities Planning Committee began planning “Phase II” of the school construction plan last night, but I could not concentrate. Part of it was brain-deadness because these meetings run too darn long, part of it was shock. Here’s why: No matter what we do to cut construction costs, we will still not come under the $110 million referendum limit because District 428 must also build a road. Read the rest of this entry