Frustrated at the lack of a public forum for discussing growth issues in DeKalb, Joe Croft started City Barbs in 2005 in the midst of a fight against putting a mega-warehouse (6 million square feet, 22 curb cuts, AKA “Godzilla”) across from a residential area.

The developer left town, but in the wake of the process were born behind-the-scenes Internet Research Commandos, a new group of city-watchers and this blog. Joe eventually had to move, too, so he left City Barbs to Lynn Fazekas, a member of the city-watchers who posts under her nickname, “yinn,” and who has served as administrator and editor ever since, except for a few months during her bid for mayor in late 2008 into April 2009.

City Barbs itself is a twist on DeKalb’s nickname, “The Barb City,” so dubbed because barbed wire was invented in DeKalb.

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