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For all of NIU’s having publicly “backed away” from a partnership for redevelopment with City of DeKalb et al last spring, it seems the institution had already secretly created a “charity” with a local developer and a banker in December 2013 for similar purposes.

The documents were Tweeted to me.

Some of the docs are hard to read even if you click to access the permalinks. I urge you to use whatever magnification capabilities you have (with my computer I push the mouse wheel forward while depressing the CTRL button) and I apologize for the inconvenience.

The first doc is an email exchange between NIU VP Bill Nicklas and counsel. Nicklas is trying to check for conflict of interest concerns. To me, it’s the one spot of light in all the darkness.

Oh, look. Now they’re trying to bring District 428 school board member Tom Matya into it.

Plans moving forward.

Could “Vice-Chair Strauss” be Marc Strauss of NIU Board of Trustees and partner of law firm Foster & Buick? No conflict there.

NIU President Doug Baker, having been given the green light to contribute to the new “charity,” writes a letter to Castle Bank’s Tim Struthers. The money quote (heh):

To affirm NI’s interest in becoming a sustaining partner in this process, NIU hereby pledges up to $250,000 to the not-for-profit agency College Town Partners, for mutually agreed redevelopment purposes in the College/John/Harrison redevelopment area.

The Articles of Incorporation for College Town Partners NFP list Bill Nicklas, Steve Irving and Tim Struthers as the first board of directors. Dated December 18, 2013.

IRS assigns CPT an EIN.

The work to become tax-exempt continues.

College Town Partners NFP is still listed as an active not-for-profit corporation at the Illinois Secretary of State’s website.

2 thoughts on “Documents: College Town Partners NFP”

  1. For your FOIA consideration to assist in your investigation? I wonder if and how to request a review of closed session meetings to determine the extent of the City of DeKalb’s participation in College Town Partners, NFP. It would not surprise me if “consensus building” (and “2 by 2 sessions” with aldermen) took place with earmarks for public monies for the City’s participation.

  2. That’s interesting. Remember, even though PON received a “jackpot” of a response to one of its requests, another received a blanket denial and even the AG’s review of the city’s defense of its denial is confidential. I wonder if this change in the usual procedure means the AG is reviewing the very meetings you mention.

    Personally, I would very much like to understand the extent of the secret planning — and so would my readers. The College Town Partners NFP post has nearly set an all-time record for page views on this blog and the spike in readership is particularly significant for a weekend.

    My hoped-for next move is to comb through TIF 1 expenditures for 2013 to date. However, there’s been no response to an August 12 request for those records, so I guess the AG will need to get involved first. As you know, lack of response equals denial of the request and makes it eligible for review.

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