If You’re Cleaning House, Why Keep it a Secret?

From the Daily Chronicle’s weekend edition:

The city of DeKalb is without a finance director after Laura Pisarcik resigned the same week city Manager Anne Marie Gaura announced financial consultants would review the city’s financial policies and procedures.

Ordinarily I’d applaud the sight of heads rolling for the sake of accountability. This time I can’t. Here’s the problem: Though the Daily Chronicle published the news yesterday, Pisarcik resigned the first week of March. Her absence was discovered by accident last week, when somebody noticed her name had been removed from the city’s website and thought to ask about it. (Yeah, that was me.)

A city department head has been gone for a month without a public announcement of the departure? I wonder why?

Gaura acknowledged there is a separation agreement between the city and Pisarcik, but declined to disclose the details.


Does Ms. Gaura think she can withhold these details indefinitely? I’ve already submitted a Freedom of Information Act request, and please note I’ve never been denied copies of any contract. And when it comes specifically to separation agreements, we have only to recall that the Chronicle had no problem obtaining agreements signed with former city clerk Steve Kapitan and former park district executive director Cindy Capek.

There’s no doubt the separation agreement will come out. Also, Laura Pisarcik would have been missed at the next budget meeting, right? The city manager has blown, for no good reason, an opportunity to build trust with the community.

2 thoughts on “If You’re Cleaning House, Why Keep it a Secret?”

  1. Is this now fallen finance director the replacement that Biernacki picked when the finance director before her resigned after being on the job for only 4 weeks? If this is the case, why did no one investigate these financials then when this red flag went flying along with fireworks?

    The previous finance director obviously saw something with the books she did not wish to be part of. Also, is now former director a past coworker of form city manager Biernacki when he work for the City of Elgin? When he went to DeKalb, she went to Pingree Grove then ends up back with him here after a hand picked finance director resigns in less than 4 weeks.

    To ne, there is another head that needs to roll sooner than later but instead he gets promoted to fill in for a position that the former employee resigns with a separation agreement in hand. If this separation agreement does not permit her to talk about incidents pertaining to question with the books then frankly, we as citizens can never expect to have the truth about its government anymore. If guilty, they should pay not be given bonuses and their pensions.

  2. I completely forgot about the short-lived finance person. I agree that we should have taken it as a red flag in light of events that have come after.

    The person also might very well have rejected another game they were playing at the time, which was to pretend to hire someone who would oversee purchases as the financial consultants recommended in 2009.

    Of course the city never accomplished this and the consultants had to recommend it again in 2013.

    The failure to centralize purchasing is a huge red flag all by itself.

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