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First off, I want to follow up on the question of repealing home rule in Mt. Vernon. Voters defeated the challenge, meaning home rule is retained. High profile business backers, a core group of “Vote No” volunteers plus use of social media are credited with the success.

While the Mt. Vernon pro-home rule group won with 57% of the vote, there was a veritable smackdown by 70% of voters of the proposition to make the city clerk’s office in DeKalb an appointed one. It’s difficult not to look at this as a referendum on city administration, and on the performance of city manager Mark Biernacki in particular. Let him laugh at the suggestion that the ballot question was an attempted power grab — that doesn’t make it untrue.

With the retention of an elected city clerk, congenitally optimistic residents like me can hope for a real watchdog in the position.

Lastly, I’d like to note that City Barbs is now seven years old.

Treat this as an open thread if you like. Name yer topic.

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  1. Happy birthday, CB!

    I too had that thought regarding the referendum results. Council members I have spoken to have no love for this guy and would prefer him to be gone — what does it take to relieve us of his siege?

    Monday’s council agenda speaks of the objectives for a rehab of city hall: Enhance the Overall Image and Perception of the Community.

    If city hall wishes to accomplish this objective, they need to look no further than to vacate the senior management positions of its current occupants. Instant perception boost!

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