2012 City Revenues from Corn Fest Parking

According to the City of DeKalb, the total in parking fees collected for Corn Fest 2012 is $16,174.

That’s a lot less than the nearly $26,700 collected in 2011 and a sad fraction of the original estimate of $54,000.

And remember, if they worked the same deal as last year, 20% of the total goes to whichever charitable organization helped the city with this task.

Sales tax revenue information from this year’s Corn Fest will be available by the last week in September. Last year the sales tax take was about $4200.

Wonder what the FAA would say.

Bonus: Corn Fest Liquor License after the jump.

Click on the image for bigness.

I requested a copy of the event permit also, but even though I’ve actually seen it, the city is claiming there wasn’t a permit issued and that Corn Fest didn’t need one. Instead, the response included the contract agreement signed between the City of DeKalb and the Corn Fest officers.

This is bizarre. On Corn Fest opening night I asked to see the license but was handed both the license AND the permit when the items were finally located. Has someone gotten touchy about the address on the permit? (If that’s the case, they’d best get to scrubbing the website, too.)

It ended up a fortuitous substitution because, thanks to the contract, I now know the beer garden was to begin at 3 p.m. and that the license was not posted for at least 2-1/2 hours into the contractually stated period of operation for that day.

However, DeKalb has no record of liquor violations made by Corn Fest.

3 thoughts on “2012 City Revenues from Corn Fest Parking”

  1. The Polvsen administration seems a lot like the Sparrow administration with behind the scenes dealings and secret agreements with special waivers.

    How much would the city have received in revenue if the vendors had received the appropriate permits from the clerk’s office? There is a waiver written into city code for Farmers Market vendors… but what about Corn Fest vendors?

    It’s just special deals under the table after special deal.

    No accountability required!

    And you’d think the new city attorney would fix the mayor’s practice of delivering the state of the city address to the Chamber of Commerce instead of fulfilling the STATE STATUTE requiring he do so to the CORPORATE AUTHORITIES.

    But the city attorney is all about protecting the sins of this administration as opposed to doing the right thing for the people.

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