CCEC Disapproves of DeKalb’s New Police Cars

Citizens Community Enhancement Commission members are upset their logo was totally rejected as the new design for the police cars, so now they want a do-over:


1. New Police Squads

[Assistant City Manager Rudy] Espiritu distributed pictures of the new police cars. A survey was done with Police personnel, and the staff selected the logo in the pictures, he said. The logo recommended by the CCEC
received no votes, he added. However, he said, it is placed on the bumper.

Mr. Barnes disagreed that the logo selected was the best choice. He added that police cars market the image of DeKalb.

He suggested that in the future, the voting be open to all City staff, residents and the CCEC. Mr. Rasmussen agreed and added that the logo looks garish and needs to be subdued.

Mr. Pietens concurred and stated that if the City wants a cohesive image, this decision can’t be made by one group.

He added that decisions of this type are generally made at the management level. Mr. Espiritu replied that the City Manager agreed with the decision and thought it was the best choice.

Mr. Barnes suggested that Morningstar Media could have developed some mock-ups for consideration. Chairwoman Johnson asked what was the opinion of City Council; Mr. Espiritu responded that they love it.

Mr. Espiritu stated that he would take the Commission’s comments to the Mayor and Police Chief.

Mr. Barnes said that he would rather the comments be given to the Mayor and the City Manager.

I happen to like the new squad cars, but of course you should never have your own police department dictate what it drives. It’s just not hip.

Here’s my idea. The City of DeKalb’s leaf logo, which some believe looks like a tree giving the “finger,” would most appropriately go on the doors to the back seats where those who are taken into custody must ride. A decal of the dialog bubble they sometimes add to the logo, which says, “We love it here!” could be placed on the rear passenger windows for an ironic touch.

11 thoughts on “CCEC Disapproves of DeKalb’s New Police Cars”

  1. The CCEC does not speak for the citizens of DeKalb. In fact they are a scourge on city hall. Repeatedly, they attempt to initiate programs without council approval and citizen input.

    The opportunity / innovation logo was never discussed where citizens could comment. Shame on the CCEC for not being respectful of the citizenry.

    This is what you get when you try to circumvent democracy and suggest that you speak for a cross section of DeKalb. Nobody elected you — you were appointed by a lame duck mayor with no accountability.

    CCEC = bad.

  2. Subdued? The markings on the squads should be subdued? Market the “image” of DeKalb? HA! I like the new lettering. At least now we know they are police cars. The only thing that should be subdued are the people violating the law, especially the gangs, druggies, and drunks. The city and especially Chief Feithen and officers made the right choice. I commented on the process used to select the nameplate awhile back on some blog, and I do so again here. While I often disagree with actions the city takes, they did it right this time! Let it go, CCEC.

  3. I like the designs on the police cars!

    Cohen Barnes really has no room to talk–those purple and orange things he has all over his business vehicles are truly horrid. The TBC vehicles look like someone artist dropped acid, then grabbed some purple and orange paint. There is nothing about those vehicles’ paint jobs that is going to make me want to go to TBC for anything. Not all marketing tricks work.

    Pot, meet psychedelic kettle.

    Who picked out those purple flower banners for downtown? What do those say about DeKalb or the ‘brand’ of DeKalb? Nothing. Just where did someone get those purple flower banners? Hey, Scooby Doo called, he wants his flowers back for the Mystery Machine.

    The purple banners are like Barbie, Scooby Doo, and Jimi Hendricks had a collision.

    Downtown already looks like someone fell asleep during art appreciation class. It has a hung-over mock Art Deco look, which is maybe appropriate for all those bars.

    Lastly, I think the logos for the police cars are subdued. I know I posted something somewhere a long time ago about wanting those shark teeth for the grill, like what semi-drivers put on the trucks so they think they can get behind car drivers on I-80 and intimidate them. With the city police’s track record of arrests, an appropriate ‘branding’ logo would be a criminal getting kicked in the ass.

  4. It would be a good question to ask of CCEC, whether they approved the purple flower banners. I notice they do match the Tapalaluna awnings perfectly (just sayin’).

    Anson makes a very good point about the group initiating projects without council approval. Take this, for example (from the same meeting):

    2. Celebrate DeKalb 2011 Update Mr. Streed provided an update for the CCEC on the website which is nearly functional. Also, he said, a formal name needs to be decided upon and added that “” is available.

    The consensus of the Commission was to name the site Mr. Streed stated that Mr. DeStefano suggested that organizations have the ability to post events on the site. Mr. Rasmussen replied that criteria needs to be developed as far as allowed postings. Mr. Streed said that he would work on developing criteria for the site. Mr. Rasmussen suggested that postings be limited to major events. Mr. Espiritu asked if the Commission wanted to limit the postings to the five major organizations: City of DeKalb, NIU, Kishwaukee Hospital, District 428, and DeKalb Park District. Mr. Barnes agreed. Chairwoman Johnson suggested that Re:New DeKalb be included in this listing.

    So, while the logo discussion was deliciously tantrum-y, there are still serious questions too. Did council approve the website? Why isn’t it linked to the city’s website? And, what’s the cost? Mr. De Stefano, as we’ve previously posted and commented, is a close associate of Mr. Barnes, owns Direct Response Web Solutions and does not come cheap.

  5. I don’t know…after reading all 160 pages of last night’s city council and committee of the whole meetings agenda, I think the “image” DeKalb is lately trying to present is that of the mayor or some other municipal leader turning people upside down and shaking as much coin from their pockets as possible. One fee increase after another in those 160 pages. I was at the council meeting last night with very few other members of the public…I don’t think the public at large has any idea how this city is trying to increase revenue from many possible sources. Perhaps they’ve been drawn away by the Obama/Boehner game show? But just like our federal government, I think the city does not know how to control spending.

  6. Kerry, a lot of people watch the city meeting from home, more than probably anyone expects.

    If the schools televised the school board meetings, a lot of people would watch those from home, too.

  7. Up to $20,000. Key figure. In a normal city I’d actually agree with the CCEC. The committee was appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. The city council also then approved in open session the logo with a caveat that it was to be installed upon replacement of cars, signs, letterhead, etc.

    A survey was done with Police personnel, and the staff selected the logo in the pictures, he said. The logo recommended by the CCEC received no votes, he added. However, he said, it is placed on the bumper.

    Ummm. Well. Uhhh. Ahem. I don’t suppose any minutes exist where the council approved the results of the staff survey?

  8. Mac, I don’t think the main purpose for markings on police cars is marketing, I think it’s visibility and I believe this is more the PD’s call than CCEC.

    But if the council did not approve them (thereby approving the survey results) I would agree they missed a step.

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