2 thoughts on “Library Postpones Expansion Until Economy Improves”

  1. Thanks for the info, Lynn. I see at the provided link that Belvidere Library also recently acquired some land. At least, according to the article, they told the world how they were paying for the land. Now if DeKalb Library would only tell us how they plan to pay for the land should they complete the contract. I just don’t understand why these governmental units cannot put together a coalition, and devise a plan with all stakeholders before moving ahead with any actual action or spending.

    I also notice from the DC article that the same consultant Belvidere used is also scheduled to speak to the DeKalb Library Board later this month.

    I hope some common sense and transparency prevail at the DeKalb Library. They need to reestablish trust among the taxpayers and users. They also need to understand (as Belvidere apparently has) that this is not a wealthy town and most taxpayers are not in a position to support expansion projects at the moment. But let them go to referendum and find that out.

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