Declining Attendance at the Taste / Corn Fest

I am not surprised that after high-profile news reports of mobs of thugs attacking people in downtown Chicago in broad daylight that the attendance at the Taste dropped. But, attendance was down in previous years as well. No matter what anyone says, unless there is a popular band at Corn Fest, its attendance dropped, too. Sun Times columnist Neil Steinberg wrote some hilarious yet probably good suggestions (if anyone had the guts to use them) on how to improve attendance at the Taste, most of which could be applied to Corn Fest:

2 thoughts on “Declining Attendance at the Taste / Corn Fest”

  1. Well it’s not exactly the pie-throwing booth, but there used to be a dunk tank at Corn Fest.

    Did they get rid of that or is still on the program?

    Any nominations for dunkees?

  2. One year in the late 80s, I very nearly got run over by a car as we made our way on foot to the fest. A couple minutes later, we came upon the dunk tank and I immediately nailed the dunkee on the first throw. Behold, the power of adrenaline!

    Seriously, though, I do worry about Corn Fest. It has been running annual budget deficits since it’s been at the airport, including a small one the year of the serendipitous timing of the booking of Lady Antebellum. Fair or not, I don’t think the parking fee will help the situation.

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