Ellwood Historic Neighborhood Meetings

The following is a summary of documents obtained from the City of DeKalb involving a group from the 5th Ward, the City of DeKalb, and the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) at NIU.

The 5th Ward group was first called a “task force” although it has never been an official city committee. Now, the informal association is known as the Ellwood Historic District or Ellwood Historic Neighborhood.

Date of EventInvolvingDocumentsComments
1/19/20105th Ward North Neighborhood Task Force; CGS; City Meeting agenda; Concept Paper for Artist Relocation/IntegrationCity prepares agenda, pays room rental $100
3/1/20105th Ward North Neighborhood Task Force; CGS; City Meeting agendaCity prepares agenda
4/1/2010NIU Board of Trustees; CityContract for work April-June on N. 5th PlanCity pays NIU $6000
5/7/2010CGS; CityMeeting notes5th Ward planning meeting
5/25/2010North 5th Ward Neighborhood; CGS; CityInformational flyer, agenda, meeting summary reportCGS prepares materials; includes timetable, action plan
6/17, 6/30, 8/11/2010Neighborhood meetings held?
9/28/2010Ellwood Historic District; CGS; CityInformational meeting agenda; tentative 4-year program planCity prepares draft plan
4/19/2011Ellwood Historic District; CGS; CityAgenda of "public meeting"EHD member prepares agenda; City mails it to 180 5th Ward residents
5/4/2011Ellwood Historic District homeowners, renters & landlordsAgenda of "public meeting"Same as above; agenda includes: "Making use of $100,000 in TIF funds"

As you can see, the 5th Ward group has enjoyed NIU “facilitation,” help with mailings, and other forms of support supplied by the City of DeKalb. Now, it is occupying itself with the happy problem of proposing $100,000 in TIF spending.

Members of the group expressed dismay during the April 19 meeting over a neighborhood backlash that included or implied accusations of “sinister motives.” Leader John Campen has taken steps to combat the image, by starting a Facebook page, expanding mailings and putting up audio of meetings.

Ellwood Historic Neighborhood Facebook page

Save Our Neighborhood – College/John/Locust Coalition Facebook page

Audio recording of the Ellwood Historic Neighborhood meeting April 19. DeKalb’s city manager, city clerk and 5th Ward alderman attended.

Audio of May 4 meeting

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