Expenditure Info, Central Area TIF Annual Reports FY2008-10

The following table was developed using the itemized expenditures pages of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) annual reports, Central TIF (TIF 1) only.

Expenditure TypeFY2008FY2009FY2010
Studies, admin & professional services$1,243,353$3,251,432$9,136,135
Marketing sites000
Property assembly, demolition, site prep$325,711 (land acq)$441,945 (land acq)$3,867 (land acq)
Rehab, construction, repair, remodeling, replacement of public buildings$184,457$156,316$11,580
Public works improvements (sidewalks, streets, parking lots, stormwater)$647,163$2,245,251 ($1.9 mil for parking lot)$343,613
Removal of contaminants required by enviro law/rules000
Job training, retraining000
Financing costs$1,775,62700
Approved capital costs: private property rehab*$341,436$250,319$176,488 (incl 6 res, total $22,806)
Approved capital costs: other capital improvements$1,926,198$2,758,831$10,259,013
Reimbursement of school districts for increased costs caused by TIF assisted housing000
Relocation costs000
Payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT)000
Job training, retraining advanced vocational or career ed provided by other taxing bodies0**00
Reimbursement of private developers for interest expenses000
Construction for low and very low income households000
Day care services & centers' operational costs000

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TIF Central FY08 Summary

TIF Central FY09 Summary

TIF Central FY10 Summary

*Most private property rehab appears to be Architectural Improvement Program (AIP) projects for downtown businesses, except as noted.

**Although no job training was claimed under itemized expenditures, Kishwaukee College was listed as a contractor for job training in another area of the report, with an expenditure of $200,000 for that year.

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