Public Library Accused of Promoting Tax Referendum

From the Buffalo Grove Patch publication:

[Activist and Buffalo Grove resident Rob] Sherman alleges that the [Indian Trails Public Library] illegally used tax revenue to promote the referendum. Voters on Tuesday will decide whether the library’s improvement plans warrant an increase in the district’s tax levy.

Governing bodies such as library and school districts can disseminate factual information about elections, but are prohibited from telling voters how to cast their ballots.

Library officials say that a successful referendum would not have a financial impact on taxpayers, as the increased levy would be adopted as bond debt is retired. Sherman said that the library’s recent mailing, which uses green text that proclaims “GROW YOUR LIBRARY … Not Your Tax Bill,” goes beyond providing the facts.

I’ve heard questionable statements made by units of government locally in these cases. For example, one or two City of DeKalb aldermen goofed when they tried to request residents get out and vote on the District 428 construction referendum two years ago and actually said to vote FOR it.

So maybe the only unit of government that should be disseminating information on ballot initiatives and other election issues is the Office of the County Clerk.

Sherman himself is running for Village Clerk. Here is his home page.

Here is the Indian Trails Public Library website.

2 thoughts on “Public Library Accused of Promoting Tax Referendum”

  1. Most people on here know I am not a big fan of public servants overstepping their authority. Sometimes in their “zeal” they say and do things they should not, like support a cause when they should only provide pertinent facts. Our DeKalb Library has had such problems, so have several other local government units.

    Having said the above, I find Atheist Rob Sherman, whether or not he could be a “good” clerk, to be the last person I would vote for. Take a look at his website (not to mention decades of news stories on his atheism and fight against typical American society) and you decide whether he is a suitable clerk candidate. Interesting story, Lynn. Thanks.

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