DeKalb’s FY2011 budget included a Reduction in Force (RIF) plan to close a budget gap of a couple million. Here is how it played out for about a dozen AFSCME union members who got laid off as part of the RIF in June 2010.

7/13/2009Council approves a side letter to its contract with AFSCME outlining wage concessions in exchange for a promise of no layoffs through the end of the contract expiring 12/31/2010.7/13 meeting minutes

4/7/2010Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) portion of the Reduction in Force (RIF) is offered to eligible employees. Deadline for signup is 5/25, after which layoffs would be made to achieve budgetary goals for FY2011.4/5 special meeting minutes
6/9/2010City follows through on layoffs. HR notifies affected AFSCME employees they would “not be eligible for unemployment until after your two (2) weeks [sic] severance, following your made whole date of December 31, 2010” presumably because they'll be receiving full regular compensation through that date.Daily Chronicle articles 6/9 & 6/10

+ notification to affected employees

(see below)
6/28/2010Approval of FY2011 budget & staffing plan. 6/28 meeting minutes
8/20/2010HR notifies affected AFSCME employees that they do not have to wait until 2011 to apply for unemployment after all; they meet eligibility by being neither on-call nor actively reporting for work.Notifications to affected employees

+ IL Department of Employment Security (IDES)

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11/19/2010City reimburses IDES for 3rd Quarter unemployment compensation totaling $50,428.IDES invoice mailed 10/23

+ city check register entries
1/28/2011City reimburses IDES for 4th Quarter unemployment compensation totaling $42,394.IDES invoice mailed 1/22

+ city check register entries

Yes, you’re reading it right. Responses to questions submitted to the city manager’s office confirm that some AFSCME-affiliated employees did not work and got paid twice for the last half of 2010. DeKalb was on the hook for regular compensation because of the contractual obligations and for unemployment compensation because the city does not pay unemployment insurance.

The following documents were obtained under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Redactions are mine. Click on any to see larger images.