Statements of Economic Interest, 2011 District 428 School Board Candidates

There are 11 candidates in this race, and three of them listed something other than “none” or “NA” on their Statements of Economic Interest (SEI).

As is true of yesterday’s post about the City of DeKalb candidates’ SEIs, all items should be read as reports of what has occurred “in the preceding calendar year”; and again, I have shortened the descriptions in the table so have tucked a sample SEI in the post after the jump for clarification if needed.

NameSEI ItemExplanation
Robert Cohen Barnes1. Ownership interest in any entity doing business with a unit of local government of $5000+ fair market value or dividends of $1,200+Vice president & partner in DeKalb Fiber Optic, LLC
Robert Cohen Barnes3. Income of $5000+ derived from professional services rendered (non-government)Installation of fiber optic cabling
Robert Cohen Barnes6. Income of $1,200+ derived from any entity doing business with a local unit of governmentWife Amy Barnes is a teacher in the school district
Nina Fontana6. Income of $1,200+ derived from any entity doing business with a local unit of governmentSchool district 428 pension
Tracy Williams7. Name of any unit of government which employed the personSpouse occasionally compensated by 16th Judicial Circuit for attorney services involving indigent parties

Sample SEI Page 1

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SEI Page 2

2 thoughts on “Statements of Economic Interest, 2011 District 428 School Board Candidates”

  1. Just as Ward 1 candidate Bertrand Simpson chose not to disclose his NIU employment, neither did school board candidate Alfred Tatum.

    Nina Fontana chose to disclose her government pension, but fellow school board challenger Kathy Watkins did (and does) not.

  2. I’ve been to almost all the board meetings over the past two years. This past Tuesday, I did not see ANY board candidate at the meeting. I have seen Cohen Barnes and Kathy Watkins at one or two recent meetings. Cohen Barnes has yard signs out, but no one else so far. WHERE ARE THE CANDIDATES? Election day is right around the corner. While I am no fan of many of the current board members’ votes, why would anyone be inclined to vote for new candidates that never show up to board meetings? How is the voter supposed to know any candidate will be committed and informed? And now Lynn shows us how poorly some of them file (or don’t file) disclosures. NO WONDER THIS DISTRICT HAS PROBLEMS. People just don’t seem to care. SAD!

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