Residents Fleeing DeKalb

First of all, please visit DeKalb County Online for a terrific summary of the latest local population data and housing vacancy rates.

The 2010 Census constitutes a smack up the side of the head for the ivory tower types whose 2011 Commercial Notebook includes the prediction that DeKalb’s population would be found to exceed 50,000.

Will the smack lead to soul-searching and public policy changes? Image enhancement measures are more likely, I’d say. Hence the hyperbolic headline: a verbal raspberry.

Link: City population estimates since 2000

2 thoughts on “Residents Fleeing DeKalb”

  1. Lynn, this sounds like fraud in order to attract business based on exaggerated claims and staff attempting to retain their own jobs by cooking the books.

    City staff has established that it is out of touch with reality and house needs to be cleaned. Mass resignations should follow. Termination for cause, no pensions owed.

  2. Ever notice how they regularly reproach the regular, unconnected residents for being negative? Paraphrasing my comment at the DC website today, I think it’s possible they decided on a pretty number and then set about trying to make it happen through the power of positive thinking.

    Seriously, though, I don’t see how competent people could look at the unemployment, foreclosure, development and tax revenue numbers and still project growth to 50,000; but just last month, they sincerely seemed to be mulling over the ongoing mystery of falling utility tax revenues and couldn’t come up with the answer.

    I agree with you that a round of terminations is in order, but of course it won’t happen. They will continue shielding each other, one scandal after another, until something like the airport fiasco blows up in their faces; or until the feds are finally compelled to shift their gazes westward from Chicago.

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