Alderman Gallagher’s Resolution

The Fourth Ward alderman has shared a New Year’s Resolution with us.

Are you tired of the same old Tea Party members in town who if you give them 60 minutes of your valuable time will try and explain every conspiracy to you? The same super knowledgeable people who show up for every City Council meeting…but don’t volunteer to serve on a committee to help make changes? Talk about hypocritical and selfish.

Well if you are in the majority of DeKalb citizens who have had enough of these shenanigans and want to take back DeKalb from these carpet baggers…then join my Coffee Achievers party! We stand for the promotion of the coffee bean and all those who drink coffee! We are anti-Tea Party!

That’s just the start. Whoever it is he is talking about he calls dumb, and says they’re whiners, and describes how he’s going to put them in their place and they’d better not cry about it. Then, he claims to be taking the high road, and wishes us a Merry Christmas.

The rant is somewhat incoherent, but it’s clear Gallagher’s real resolution is to alienate even more of his constituency.

7 thoughts on “Alderman Gallagher’s Resolution”

  1. Unfortunately Lynn, if he decides to run for Mayor of DeKalb the next election, this putz will more than likely win, no matter how high the taxes are he’s voted for and much more in debt he is responsible for adding to the DeKalb taxpayer.

  2. With this posting of his own writing, Mr Gallagher has blew his chance to become Mayor…even if he takes down this post, I have archived it and I will see to it that it resurfaces in April 2013 Mr Gallagher has clearly lost it and just cannot deal with having concerned citizens getting involved with city council matters

    Since I’m the one Mr Gallagher debated at last Monday’s Council meeting, I’m certain this rant of his is, at least partially, directed at yours truly.

    I will gladly engage in a debate with Mr Gallagher, if he so chooses, in front a live audience.

  3. Mark, you’re just envious because you’re not a member of the Coffee Achievers Club. Only special people get to drink coffee at taxpayers’ expense. Its an exclusive club. A shining achievement.

    John Anderson told me of a meeting/conversation he had with Gallagher recently. Gallagher warned John that he shouldn’t be associated with me (or you).

    Neither of us better break the law on anything. We’re not Coffee Achievers (code word: good people) so we can’t ignore laws.

  4. Does use of the phrase “has blew his chances” eliminate someone’s opportunity to work as a radio broadcaster? I guess the FCC doesn’t impose grammatical restrictions!

  5. Maybe he and the boyz (and girl) just miss my contributions…. being without internet, and staying way too busy trying (worrying) to make ends meet, I don’t have the time or patience for the monkey show..

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