IPLARs FY2008-10

After the jump, see the table containing selected information extracted from three years’ worth of Illinois Public Library Annual Reports (IPLARs) filed by the DeKalb Public Library with the Illinois State Library. Included: information on revenues, expenditures, programs, attendance, resources/holdings and other numbers and answers I found interesting for one reason or another. Not included: library identification data, personnel position details, library trustee information and items deemed redundant or ho-hum.


–If a FY column item is left blank, it means the question was not asked that year.

–Answers that might vary from one day or month to another, for example the number of registered borrowers, are generally required to reflect the count on the last day of the fiscal year.

–Copies of the source material are yours for the asking. Send e-mail requests to yinn@citybarbs.com.

Info RequestedFY2008FY2009FY2010
Replacement cost: fair market value, real estate$5,066,117$5,670,733$5,289,735
Replacement cost: furniture, equipment, vehicles$3,087,443$3,095,670$3,142,453
Operating receipts: local government$1,213,354$1,492,137$1,574,213
Operating receipts: state per capita grant$51,550$51,512$48,277
Operating receipts: state equalization grant$0$0$0
Operating receipts: state corporate replacement tax$42,157
Operating receipts: state personal property replacement tax$36,958$30,687
Operating receipts: Other$0$20,000$0
If OTHER, specifyN/AState GrantN/A
Total state government funds$93,707$108,470$78,964
Operating receipts: federal LSTA funds$4,900$0$0
Operating receipts: federal E-Rate funds$0$0$0
Other Federal funds$5,000$20,000$20,000
If Other, specifyN/A$0NEA Grant
Total Federal funds$9,900$20,000$20,000
Other Income: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grants$0$0$0
Other Income: Other receipts for ops, reserves$146,617$128,422$165,178
Total receipts$1,463,578$1,749,029$1,838,355
Amount of surety bond$750,000$870,000$970,000
Salaries & wages, all library staff$689,335$743,703$723,086
Fringe benefits, all library staff$267,203$269,651$246,334
Total staff expenditures$956,538$1,013,354$969,420
Materials expenditures: printed materials$164,968$173,380$157,290
Materials expenditures: electronic materials$24,403$45,092$48,142
Other materials (e.g. microform)$20,210$31,982$27,548
Total materials expenditures$209,581$250,454$232,980
Other operating expenditures not included above$385,367$280,807$456,628
Total operating expenditures$1,551,486$1,544,615$1,659,028
Children’s materials expenditures$53,084$53,289$46,230
Capital revenue (=total capital revenue) (non-bond, local) $50,000$0$0
Total capital expenditures$87,519$0$0
Total annual attendance 223,716269,533332,639
# of adult programs9013992
Adult program attendance1,7952,6463,334
Young adult programs24
Young adult program attendance333
# of children’s programs337399462
Children’s program attendance7,4087,2897,833
Total # of library programs427538578
Total program attendance9,2039,93511,500
# resident borrowers’ cards14,86013,06715,426
# non-resident cards485250
Fees collected, non-res cards$2,640$3,220$3,917
Total, registered borrowers14,90813,11915,484
# books held/cataloged141,808140,211141,238
Total print materials held141,905140,296141,266
Audio held4,9655,2375,631
DVD/videos held4,0844,0644,209
Locally licensed databases91515
State licensed databases181818
Databases negotiated by regional lib systems or coops223
Total licensed databases293536
Children’s holdings51,90253,84553,139
# adult materials loaned222,336203,149211,229
# children’s materials loaned178,651155,206138,265
Total # materials loaned400,987358,355349,494
# adult dept. reference questions29,32825,27226,208
# children’s dept. reference questions14,04011,75216,016
Total # reference questions43,36837,02442,224
Windows/PC compatible computers535571
# above computers for public use242635
Macintosh computers000
# printers1097
# printers for public use332
Telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) available?yes, 1nono
How many Internet computers available for public use?111121
# in-library users of public Internet computers31,19632,35732,400
Library uses Internet filters?yesyesyes
If YES, starting when?3/200212/200212/2009
# views, library homepage303,518331,209336,000
Library applied for E-Rate telecom discounts?yesyesyes
If YES, what am't awarded?$3,067$2,795.64$2,907
How much spent on staff dev/training?$3,067$6,633$8,966
How many hours of staff training?12313050
Did the district acquire property?nonot answeredno
Any outstanding liabilities?nonot answerednot answered
Any fiscal accumulations (reserves, outstanding fund balances, etc.)?nonot answerednot answered

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