6 thoughts on “School District 428 E-Mail to Staff Regarding Kish Referendum”

  1. Thanks for sharing this campaign-related correspondence with us, Lynn.

    It’s very sad when the School Superintendent doesn’t know the difference between a “pole” and a “poll”.

    No wonder the kids are being left behind.

  2. You are welcome. I published it out of respect for the staff who resent receiving campaign-related materials in their work e-mails, not to mention the intimidating message about sharing them being “prohibitied.”

  3. The staff member’s email address is on this. It may be a good idea to redact that part of the email as well as the website address at the bottom of the email…anything that can be traced back to the staff member. The email does have the label as confidnetial. I apprecciate having this information, but the staff member should be protected. You never know what this administration is capable of!

  4. bjf, thank you. No worries, though, as this letter was received in response to a formal FOIA request. No staff person has actually sent me the e-mail except for the official FOIA officer of District 428.

  5. Thanks for the responce. I figured that is how the email was obtained…just wanted to be sure. I’ve heard of “email leaks” coming back to bite staff members in other districts.

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