District 428 FOIA Officer

You know, seriously, not to beat a dead horse here, but I have a proposal for a contest. Using the District 428 website (dist428.org), look up the FOIA officer and then find her e-mail address. Keep track of how many pages you have to visit in order to get to this information.

Good luck! When I prepared my FOIA request today, I ended up sending it via snail mail, which was not my preference.

One thought on “District 428 FOIA Officer”

  1. Lynn, there is no requirement for a public body to accept FOIA requests via email.

    Sadly, both FOIA and OMA are the bare minimum requirements for an accountable democracy to exist.

    We as citizens should insist on even higher standards of our local public bodies. But I guess it’s been tough enough just to get many of the basic principles of FOIA and OMA followed.

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