Library Timeline & Pertinent Expenditures

The DeKalb Library (DKPL) board passed a resolution at the beginning of 2007 to expand and improve Library facilities. This indeed has happened; since its passage, the Library started a fund for a new boiler, accepted TIF money for window and other improvements, and remodeled the Youth Services department and the lounge.

Almost immediately, however, DKPL also began looking beyond its own premises. We know this because starting April 2007, DKPL began meeting in closed sessions under 5ILCS 120/2(2)(5), which is an exemption under the Open Meetings Act for discussing the sale or lease of real property. Also, DKPL paid for a consultation with Guio Real Estate in June of that year.

In all of 2006, DKPL met in closed session only once according to agendas at its website. In 2007, DKPL met in closed session once for personnel reasons and three times under the sale/lease exemption. In 2008 it met once in closed session under the personnel exemption and eight times under sale/lease, and in 2009 four times under sale/lease.

Because all discussions pertaining to the possibility of expanding off-premises occurred in closed session — including a “road trip” to visit other libraries — it is unclear as to exactly when and how the intention to expand the current library became a decision to build a new library.

In the following table, I’ve listed permanent improvements made to the library as well as expenditures related to real estate and site planning since 2007.

Selected Library Expenditures

Feb0778,558.00TIF-windows, plaster etc.
realty consult
Jun07500.00deposit for lounge tile
Jul079,124.51lounge remodel
Jan083185.00site study
Apr0836.26site study
Apr08859.00Schlipf* consult
Jun08360.00appraisal update
Jul089,832.00desk, Youth Services
Aug081,994.79site drawings
Aug085,790.00legal consult
Sep08850.00realty consult
Jun0918,000.00fiber optic connection
Aug092,000.00Schlipf* consult
Nov095,000.00Schlipf* consult/report
Nov093,200.00architect (tuckpointing)

In the past three years, DKPL has spent hundreds of thousands for renovation and remodeling of a building it now plans to abandon.


*Fred Schlipf is the library consultant who generated the 89,000 s.f. new building proposal that was approved by the DKPL board in September 2009.

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