Taj Mah-Library

[Updated 7/18 with links to more coverage, at bottom.]

Dimensions, features and amenities planned for the new DeKalb Public Library have been lifted from “A Building Program for the DeKalb Public Library,” September 19, 2009. The plan is to build an 89,000 square foot facility that serves 70,000 people, based on projections of 2% growth per year out to 2030. Building and participant details come after the jump.

Foyerunassigned space
Lending Department4,200
Adult Department28,775
Young Adult Department2,775
Children’s Department16,925
Local History & Genealogy2,625
Program rooms3,675
Technical Services1,425
Outreach Services500
Information technology500
Staff rooms925
Receiving/vehicle storage1,450
Drive-up return & pickup250
Total assignable space70,500
Unassignable space14,100
Total net space84,600
Estimated gross space89,000

See PDF p. 13 for explanations (“gross space,” “unassigned space,” etc.)

Next: Participants in Program Development

Board of Trustees of the DeKalb Public Library
Clarence Casella
Virginia Cassidy
Alan Genis
Kathy Higgerson
Wendell Johnson
Janis Kirts
Lara Luethehans
Clark Neher
Imelda Ruiz

City of DeKalb
Kris Povlsen, Mayor
Mark Biernacki, City Manager
Rudy Espiritu, Assistant City Manager
Russ Farnum, City Planner
Joel Maurer, City Engineer
John Guio, Planning Commission

ReNew DeKalb
Jennifer Groce
Frank Roberts

Finally, we come to some of the goodies:

  • Porte cochère
  • Cloakroom
  • Staff exercise room
  • Fireplace (noted: “if a donor can be found)
  • Social/Gathering area
  • Piano space
  • Public relations workroom plus foundation office
  • Heated garage space for 3 vans, including one used for travel to conferences
  • Shower space
  • Sprinkler system for grass and flower beds as well as hose bibs every 50 feet
  • Exterior lighted sign
  • Lighted flagpole

Thanks go out to Steve Berg, J.P. Salovesh, Kay Shelton and others who (inadvertently or not) contributed to this report. :)


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7 thoughts on “Taj Mah-Library”

  1. The only cost I can see justified in that list is the lighted flagpole. Flags cannot be out at night without a light. One could argue that someone should put up and take down the flag daily but in the winter, it is already too dark for a flag at 4:30 p.m.

    I refuse to use any cloakroom unless there is an attendant for fear of theft.

    I have a master’s degree in library science and have approximately fourteen years working in libraries as a volunteer and as a paid employee. That said, I had to look up what a “Porte cochère” is. It is an covered entrance way. See: http://library.monmouth.edu/about/mansion/images/PorteCochere.jpg

  2. P.S. Outdoor lights for a flag do not have to be expensive. I have several at the house that turn themselves on with light sensors. A really nice one can cost around $100.

  3. Seems to me that everybody involved trying to cover up this OMA violation (s) doesn’t quite have all of their timelines straight as of yet. When was the letter of intent signed, one of the latest meetings or a meeting back in January? Drawings and concepts for 89,000 square foot of space all the way back to September 9, 2009. Sounds about when this whole thing started. Any public hearings recorded at all on this subject since September 9, 2009? I didn’t think so.

    You honestly don’t think that after seeing the new high school’s design, the new hospital, the new cancer? unit just north of the hospital and the new DeKalb Clinic buildings that the public library isn’t going to try and out do any of these? Do you really think it will be just a simple inexpensive and cost efficient building? I’m pretty sure it will be anything but that.

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