City Layoffs

Here is a comment that popped up in another post this afternoon:

Well as of today start to look for your own way of provideing some city services. Twenty employees got laidoff today, and 10 others were taking the early retirment package, and reportly 2 got terminated. So what does this mean no one left to do the blue collar work.

At this moment the Daily Chronicle states that a news release with the specifics is expected about 4 p.m. It is 3:40 as I type this.

The budget hasn’t been finalized yet, but some contracts — AFSCME comes to mind — require prior notice for layoffs, in case the unions can come up with an alternative plan in the interim.

4 thoughts on “City Layoffs”

  1. The names of two department heads leaving voluntarily were given: Kim Williams from IT, and Rick Monas from Public Works. Otherwise, we just know that mostly management took the voluntary separation deal, and 19 of 20 layoffs were public works employees.

    I’m not sure we need names of anyone who’s not an appointed employee/department head, but it might be in the public interest to find out which positions were hit. There are very different implications for laying off IT vs. laying off Streets people, for example. If you go for it, Mark, let us know.

  2. It’s all the rage on television these days: the reality show format where contestants are either voted off the island, or judged off the song or dance show.

    As in NBC’s The Apprentice, participants compete in contests designed to highlight the various skills desirable for a project manager. With failure, contestants no less than a former Illinois governor hear those dreaded words, “You’re Fired!”

    My point with the above paragraphs is this: why are we eliminating staff in such a non-transparent way?

    Why not hold some healthy competitions and let the best men (or women) hold on to the gig?

    Is longevity and seniority really the way to go? That assures we are paying higher salaries!

    Let’s construct some interesting scenarios designed to test the full range of city-employee skills and broadcast the whole thing on Channel 14. Teamwork, leadership, decision making, communication, speed, agility: we can challenge contestants with the whole shebang!

    Anticipate ratings through roof! Maybe even sell enough advertising to add back a few of the jobs that might otherwise have been eliminated.

    Talk about an exercise to change the culture! Status quo no mo’!

    It’s sad to see anyone lose their job. The problem really isn’t the people. It’s the culture. And it remains to be seen whether shuffling the deck will do that. My professional experience suggests this will not suffice.

    The situation demands a fundamental overhaul in management philosophy and dedication to ethics, transparency, efficiency and financial accountability. These organizational elements have plagued city hall for the past six years, if not longer.

    As with the plodding deliberation and half-assed work ups relative to the EPI report, the current management team has demonstrated no significant skills in the change management arena. We can’t afford to fund more on-the-job training. We need to bring in the professionals.

    In blackjack, when you feel that a dealer is dishing out cards from the bottom of the card pile, you don’t just ask for a simple reshuffle or a new deck. You find yourself a new dealer.

    Since flying in celebrities like Patty Daley to deliver a few lines at city hall are customary expenditures, let’s fly in the Donald. Whereas the elements of our local government have been slow to demand accountability, perhaps Mr. Trump can deliver those magical words, “You’re Fired!”

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