City Budget Open Thread…Mayday! Mayday!

money The proposed City of DeKalb FY 2011 budget has total expenditures going up by about $5 million over last year, mostly due to increased spending on the downtown TIF, health insurance and the airport.

The budget as drafted will be balanced IF:

  • there are cuts of 25-30 staff (or, alternatively, everyone takes a 12% pay cut)

  • the State pays its full share of the income tax

  • prices of commodities such as gas and road salt don’t go up

  • revenue projections are in the ballpark

  • they can continue to keep the lid on overtime
  • Upon my first go-round — so I could have missed it — there doesn’t seem to be an expenditure for the catastrophic insurance coverage. Are we to be dangerously exposed for yet another year? Hope not.

    What I didn’t miss is that the first year of the TIF declared surplus is expected to bring in $206,670 in property taxes and $547,642 in sales taxes. They always make a big deal about all the city property taxes (besides what goes into the TIF funds, that is) being applied to the pension funds, so let’s see the property tax “surplus” go there, too.

    Also, the City Clerk’s office is cutting one FT employee, on condition of getting extra help during the busiest couple weeks of license processing, per the EPI financial consultants’ recommendations of a year ago. There’s no word, however, on the the really big EPI recommendation to outsource I&T, which continues to budget nearly $1 million for a department of seven.

    2 thoughts on “City Budget Open Thread…Mayday! Mayday!”

    1. Bonus I&T observation: Among the listed accomplishments for FY 2010 are: broadcasting Plan Commission meetings, webcasts of Council meetings, and rebroadcasts of meetings. Sound familiar? These are the same accomplishments listed for FY 2009. So, basically, what they did in 2010 was to tinker with the website in a way that makes it difficult for anyone with a hand tremor to navigate, and which wiped out all the meeting minutes before 2009.

    2. Lynn, it’s a shame the I&T department didn’t list accomplishments supporting the new FOIA law. That’s because they didn’t do a damned thing!

      We may have an active Freedom of Information Act, but as you know, the information is anything but FREE. It is very time-consuming to extract the knowledge necessary to connect the dots in our city government.

      Kudo’s for all you do in that regard.

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