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  1. Thanks for posting this! AG Madigan started getting into transparency at about 26 minutes and into privacy exemptions at 33 minutes, however I watched the whole thing and recommend the same.

    Here’s an interesting transparency tidbit from Boone County Watchdog. DuPage County is putting individual expenditures online, searchable by year and by department.


    DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan commented on the article, saying it’s not all that technically difficult to do with whatever staff and software one has on hand. He also says putting records online reduces the amount of time spent on FOIA requests.

    Folks at city hall grumbling about certain persons’ “FOIA abuse”: You now know how to stop it!

  2. The competence of the Information and Technology is a major impediment to the general availability of information on the city’s website. The bloated staff has no timely talents or certifications and the department is a placeholder for Public Works employees whose jobs were superfluous.

    The department head recently attended the “Intro to the Web” workshop held by the Chamber — nice to see him coming up to speed — only a few decades late!

    What is needed is an operational audit where technical experts come in and evaluate the skillsets, procedures, awareness levels and management styles of the various department and division heads. Only then will aldermen get a sense of how little bang we are getting for our buck.

    Having said this, there are some very good department heads, but they are the exceptions.

    Six months after the major overhaul of the city’s website and there is still nothing about the various committees and commissions. Where is the love for the people who volunteer their time and energy to make our city a better place? As was posted in early September, it’s “COMING SOON!” What a joke.

    If they can’t get that basic 411 posted, what’s the chance that the infrastructure of documents will ever see the light of day without consistent FOIA’s?

    Lynn’s recent write up here was illustrative. DeKalb is not ripped off in the Information and Technology arena — and other departments. But how much do you want to bet the budgets get approved “as is” with hardly a blink?

  3. Sorry, that last paragraph should read “IS getting ripped off” with I&T expenditures. If it weren’t for Lynn’s diligent FOIA submissions, city officials would be complacent that they could hide their multitude of sins.

    She’s put the city on notice that if you’re working for the public, we have a right to know the details.

    Where are all those “documents posted on the web” that were promised in the last election cycle?

    Another empty campaign promise?

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