A Second Reason to Leave the $45 Million Bond Issue to the Voters

When the airline fuel “order acceptance centers” settled in Sycamore (about 2004 give or take) it effectively doubled the County’s sales tax revenues to $4 million. Now the county will have money coming in from the County Home TIF that the City of DeKalb recently discontinued, and I was just reading in the Chicago Trib (thanks to Kay) that the wind turbines are expected to generate a cool $1.45 million. It’s a fair question to ask — if the current jail is truly a priority, due to life safety issues — why none of these significant jumps in revenues are ever earmarked for the jail expansion but rather just kind of “absorbed” by the budget as by an amoeba.

2 thoughts on “A Second Reason to Leave the $45 Million Bond Issue to the Voters”

  1. I am surprised that the wind turbines will be paying that much in taxes. When I was involved it siting several ethanol plants, I discovered that their taxes were generally rather low, considering the cost of their process equipment. I contacted the assessor’s office in Stephenson County, about the EAV for the Adkins Energy plant, and was told that the tax laws concerning corporate process equipment were arcane and varied from county to county. The plant there paid very little property tax because they could not tax the equipment, but only the rather cheap building housing it. When they put in the rail spur to the plant, the county could tax them on that, too. So, I wonder just what part of the wind turbines gets taxed? It would seem that the turbines, and even the blades would be considered process equipment, certainly they are industrial equipment. Would they then be taxed on the pedestal or the base? I would like to have this explained as to how it works.

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