Future Local Golden Fleece Winner

We need a local Golden Fleece award, to recognize the ultimate in wasteful spending. My vote will be for the Roundabout, after the County Board approves the thing on Annie Glidden and Rich Road. We could have a regular four-way stop, well marked, with solar-powered flashers for under $13K. But, nooooo, the County Board wants to blow over a million dollars on a roundabout. Here are four pictures of a roundabout in Avon, Indiana.

When the Roundabout goes in, at a cost over a million dollars more than necessary to improve traffic safety, it will be my vote for a local Golden Fleece Award.

4 thoughts on “Future Local Golden Fleece Winner”

  1. Mine too.

    This is the result of giving in to the temptation to hang out with the same small circle of people, never to venture beyond one’s social comfort zone. Obviously they don’t get why the plan is bizarre.

  2. I used to drive around these when I was exiled to the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Marxachusetts back in the greed-filled 1980’s. They resemble a circular game of chicken. One of my fondest memories from living in that pestilent rathole, was at the rotary where Mass 2 and I-91 intersect. An old pickup truck with local plates got onto the rotary, and turned left, so instead of going counter clockwise, he was going clockwise. There were cars frantically trying to get out of his way to avoid a head on collision. It was great! Yinn, it is what you say and more. Our local rulers are totally clueless about wasting money while the Depression gets worse every day.

  3. I spent two weeks in Cambridge and saw the results of the Big Dig or whatever that thing is called that tunnels from Logan Airport to the rest of Boston. Holy cow do those folks know how to set fire to dollars in building road projects!

    Just wait until the roundabout goes in and we have NIU commuter students driving to class or escaping DeKalb taking it at 50+ m.p.h.

  4. We called it ‘suicide circle’ in Des Plaines. Everyone who has lived there has a scarey story about it. Heck, there is even a whole discussion about the memories of it on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=%22suicide+circle%22&init=quick#!/topic.php?uid=17445626980&topic=7230

    There, it was planned into a neighborhood design and pretty impossible to ever change now with the 5 or 6 streets leading off of it. Here… there is no reason to make the mistake in the first place IMO.

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