One thought on “Huskies-in-Toronto Open Thread”

  1. I went to the game (which is why I worked a bunch of extra hours at Job #3 the past three weeks). The “Chronicle’s” summary that is up now is accurate. NIU played very well on defense in the first half but they could not get to first down and had to punt over and over again because they did not connect on offense, especially on third down. Our fans outnumbered Florida’s, probably two to one. I think our fans stayed in the game until there were about eight minutes left in the fourth quarter.

    Toronto is a great city and lots of local high school kids got to see the game through Canadian-based corporate sponsorship. It is also home to a significant Indian population. I went to watch football and eat Indian food–mission accomplished.

    More later–I have a lot to say about the Canadian government’s new airport security procedures.

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