Got Marigolds?

A couple of years ago I suggested that S. 4th would look better if the community could borrow an idea from Dixon and plant flowers in those narrow parkways. Dixon’s community becomes involved in planting the petunias in the parkways, they have a Petunia Festival with a parade, and there is now a petunia wine. People do not have to mow those parkways although volunteers need to go back here and there during the summer to weed. Dixon looks great and it is a very low-cost effort to improve the appearance of the city, especially compared to TIF.

Now I think I have the perfect flower that would work–marigolds matching DeKalb Barbs orange.

Aphids hate marigolds, those flowers do not require extra water, seeds could be collected and planted again the next year, and they are easy to plant.

3 thoughts on “Got Marigolds?”

  1. Great idea Lynn! I’ve been racking my brain about low-cost ways to improve the south side and this would be a great one! Dixon’s Petunias are beautiful and the associated events are community-building at it’s finest. I believe that a group has started searching for ideas for that area. You should present it to them!

  2. Hi Gracie, I was the author, no biggie. I Facebooked Ald. Gallagher last night. There is one motivated S. 4th resident who is interested in volunteering. In August, I met folks in Dixon for an unrelated reason and I talked with one of the ladies who coordinates the petunia activities.

    The idea about matching flowers to the DeKalb Barbs color did not click until I visited relatives last week. I saw a couple of towns have the high school colors and mascots on their street signs. I tried posting the pictures I took but this Web site gave me a little trouble with the pictures.

  3. Ahhh well, Kay then, Great Idea! Glad you are going forward with offering the suggestion! Dixon’s Petunia Festival is one of the first area events I went to 20some (maybe 30, dang I’ve been here awhile ;) years ago and I’ve always thought it was a good idea…

    I’ve had several S. 4th St. businesses ask me about ideas for that area and my thoughts have always been that it needs to be a grass-roots kind of thing. I’ve lived in that area. Great group of people there!

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