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  1. People just really wish to continue to blame the bloggers for everything and call them cowards. I guess the real power of the blogs is starting to change how business is typically done here in DeKalb. It would be an entirely different story if the blogs were spreading mistruths and falsehoods. That is definitely not the case is it folks?

    Former Alderman Wogen, it is you that shut off your phone, didn’t answer your emails, and didn’t give your constituents your new address. It is you sir(used very lightly) that made a promise to represent the residents of the 3rd Ward. Several months ago you promised to be back in the ward and that you were going to open up lines of communication. Another lie.

    Yes you have many problems facing you, to me, it seems that you had a part in all of them and probably a majoritiy role. Don’t blame bloggers for demanding that you live up to your committment to them. Just because the mayor and other aldermen didn’t push you like they should have the citizens of this community did have the right.

    Now, having made the decision to resign and allow for some real representation to be afforded to the 3rd Ward residents, I feel all should allow Mr. Wogen the privacy he needs to mend his family. This doesn’t need to be a public matter and I truly hope Victor that you find the help, support, and strength to get headed back in the right direction.

  2. Mr. Krpan, what type of help are you implying Mr. Wogen needs?

    Would you hire him as a bricklayer on one of your projects?

    As someone asked on Mac’s blog, does Wogen’s resignation mean he’s free to resume bidding on city contracts immediately?

  3. Anson I do think that Mr. Wogen needs help with his personal affairs. I have not ever employed Mr. Wogen and have not considered hiring Mr. Wogen for a job. To be frank Anson, there is no work on my end to hand out.

    I think people need to leave the Wogen’s alone and let them be able to get their lives in order. Whether through family, friends, or church, he was right the biggest issue he has right now is at home. It’s not going to be an easy road for this family.

    If you haven’t also noticed Anson, the construction industry especially the area that I have been involved in deeply for the last five or so years has flatlined, no matter what Washington DC is saying. For many in this industry we are are of work and nowhere to go.

  4. What is considered to be ones private life?

    Anything outside being an alderman and politician? Just under his roof with his family or any of the business transactions he’s been part of along with what happens under his roof?

    You are right. Less said Monday morning would have been the way to go out.

  5. I think failure to appear and debts owed to governmental bodies like the tollway authority are public information.

    I think criminal cases as filed by the DeKalb County States Attorney are public information.

    I think collection efforts undertaken by the Illinois Attorney General’s office for violation of the state’s Prevailing Wage Act is public information.

    Whether or not Mr. Wogen gets a tattoo once the licenses are issued, well that’s his business.

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