Gallagher’s Got Some News

[Update 11/4: The Plan Commission closed the public hearing last Wednesday but will consider the matter at its next meeting, which they’ve reset to November 18 to avoid meeting on Veterans Day. Says the city’s acting planner Sue Guio:

A primary reason for postponing action was to allow Staff time to research whether the product to be stored is considered a raw material. The definition will determine the appropriateness of this as a special use in a residential zoning district. Also, the postponement will allow the Sanitary District time to prepare responses to some of the questions that were brought up during the meeting by both residents and Commissioners.

H/T B.G.]

A quick check of the City of DeKalb’s website reveals that none of the aldermen are using their ward pages. Gallagher, at least, links his outside website there — a tad irritating to make us take the extra step, but it’s something — and, lo and behold, he’s got some actual news: “Recycled Dewatered Sludge Facility.”

The DeKalb Sanitary District is a requesting a Special Use Permit to construct a facility (100′ wide x 275′ long x 30′ high) to hold sludge that will be used as agricultural fertilizer (biosolids).

The meeting to discuss this is tonight Wednesday (10/28/09) at 7:00pm at City Hall.

Constituents, land owners, and business owners who live/work/own near I-88 and Annie Glidden Road that I have spoken to…only just received the info from the Community Development Department on Monday, Oct 26…due to a mailing error.

Why am I and other residents just now being made aware of this? How can someone make a well thought out decision in 48 hours vs. someone who has had 10 months to prepare for any objections?

He’s taken the trouble to put together a timeline for us and the sequence of events is puzzling, to say the least.

Nice catch, Mr. Gallagher. Oh — and welcome to the Twilight Zone.

6 thoughts on “Gallagher’s Got Some News”

  1. City personnel making a mistake? Not possible. Can we get some independent corroboration of this? I would hate to see an unblemished record tarnished over simple conjecture.

    So did the meeting take place? Where was the Chronicle? Too busy with their “transition” period?

  2. Har-dee-har for the snark.

    I’ve asked the alderman to update the story, would imagine he successfully requested postponement of the item to the next Plan Commission meeting but let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. Maybe that’s why the Chronicle reported on the ShoDeen proposal but not the sludge project.

  3. Thanks, Lynn. Hey, while we’re on the subject of the Chronicle, why don’t you take their example and close your forums for comments after a certain number of days… then delete all public comments a few weeks later! Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

  4. 2765 comments on the 501 posts here (85% of them mine) are precious to me. They reassure me that I’m not talking to myself, a definite plus at my advanced age. ;>)

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