4 thoughts on “News from CB Reader on Wogen’s Domestic Battery Proceedings”

  1. What a sad, pathetic sight he was, bedazzled in jeans and a wrinkled, short-sleeved green polo-style shirt, striped in white and black (these were thin and sparse stripes, not the kind we associate with the old prison uniforms before they went day-glow orange!). Most modest folk wouldn’t leave the house in such a get up, let along appear before a judge this way, but I suppose Wogen’s worn shabbier attire to a Council meeting or two.

    We’ll see if the case actually goes to trial January 11 — 10am, Courtroom 204, Judge Robbin Stuckert presiding, or if a deal is struck sooner.

  2. Charvat probably looked more professional in that Yankees T-shirt that I made fun of him for wearing. ;-)

    Actually, nobody on S. Fourth Street will be winning any fashion awards any time soon, except maybe that revolving door of BMW driving, out-of-town consultants.

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