Blast from the Past: Wogen

Third Ward Alderman Victor Wogen’s letter to the editor published October 4, 2007:

Next, there’s a perception that I have been bought and paid for by builders and developers. This is far from the truth. The majority of my supporters don’t have anything to do with construction. Yes, I do sell architectural precast. But I don’t have any customers within miles of here. [emphasis added.]

This was three months before Masonry Works, LLC, filed Articles of Organization with the Illinois Secretary of State. A few months after that, he began picking up post-demolition masonry repair jobs for the City of DeKalb. There is no record I can find of his telling his constituents that the situation had changed.

3 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Wogen”

  1. You all will be happy to know Mr. Wogen appeared in DeKalb County court today on his domestic battery charge. Judge Brady wanted to set his trial for a date in December, but Wogen’s attorney had several conflicts, busy guy. They finally agreed upon a trial date of January 11th with a pre-trial appearance required January 7th. The judge confirmed with Mr. Wogen that there was an order of no contact with the family until this matter is settled, so it is curious that the Wogen team waived its speedy trial rights allowing this thing to drag out past the holidays. Mr. Wogen’s lawyer hinted he’d be trying to negotiate a deal with the states attorney in the meantime… go figure.

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