The Flood-Prone Property Selection Maps

In response to the interest generated by news of FEMA funds released for additional buyouts of flood-prone homes, here are maps of the properties considered by the Stormwater Task Force. Properties labeled 1.0 or higher are considered to have favorable benefit-cost ratios. The first four properties bought and demolished were 814 W. Taylor and 829, 901, and 909 Colby Court.




In a previous post, Task Force and related meeting minutes were discussed, including the discovery that one of four homes approved in February for buy-out by the city belonged to the family of a city employee.

Other documents pertaining to methodology and “work product” have been requested in order to determine the exact methodology (review or analysis, regular or simplified analysis, specific data inputs, etc.) that were used.

3 thoughts on “The Flood-Prone Property Selection Maps”

  1. Yinn I would add some additional requirments before the City bought any of these properties.

    1. I would require full title history disclosure of the owners and if they have any ciurrent of past association with the city.

    2. Consideration should be given to how long the person has owned the flood property in question.. IE should someone who has owned a property for less than a year be bought before someone in the plan that has owned their property for years and unable to sell it?.

    3. The complete title history should include all sales prices for any transactions that have taken place over a 20 year period. Is someone trying to “cash in” or make a profit on this deal.

    4 Preferance should be given to owner occupiers over rental properties.

    5. How about this crazy idea. Instead of the city just buying them out why not relocate them to one of the many forecosed home in the city. Instead of just giving the money to someone the city could give them a comparable home instead. The floood property owner is made whole and the bank gets to sell a house and the city gets to keep the residents.


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