3 thoughts on “Chronicle Hearts City Leaders, Chooses Them Over Us”

  1. You know, it’s interesting how the Daily Chronicle is both selective and contradictory in its coverage of Wogen’s debacles. They ignore his other legal problems amidst the 2007 election, but investigate and report on the campaign mailer scandal. They report on his recent arrest and the fact he’s not living in the Third Ward, but then editorialize that it’s not an issue of concern. This is beyond ridiculous. They’re ignoring a pattern here. His acts of irresponsibility are not isolated – they are evidence of serious character flaws. He is not fit to hold a public office.

  2. The piece made me furious, not simply because they are on the wrong side of the issue but also because of the deeper messages of disrespect embedded in it: one, that we don’t have the right to decide for ourselves what’s important to us; and two, that city hall gets the last word on the matter. Double sucker punch.

  3. Just one more comment from me (I think), this time about the “much ado about nothing” statement. It was the city that turned it into an “ado.” If Wogen would simply have been made to respond to a straight question with a straight answer at the meeting, there would have been less “ado.” Of course, answering the question would inevitably (and rightly) lead to a discussion about whether one should continue to serve a ward while living elsewhere; but my feeling is it was the attempt at unnecessary secrecy that got people riled up the most.

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