Guess Who?

Guess who said the following:

“We are running full steam ahead.”
“They [voters/taxpayers] just don’t understand.”
“I’ve done an A+.”
“We haven’t raised property taxes in 16 years.”

Was the speaker:

A.) Mayor Povlsen
B.) City Manager Biernacki
c.) Jennifer Groce from Re:New
D.) Alderman Naylor
E.) Alderman Gallagher
F.) None of the Above

Check back in a few days for the answer!

6 thoughts on “Guess Who?”

  1. Yinn and Helper have it correct. The answer is most certainly someone with a BIG ego and it is F.) None of the Above.

    The quotes are from Crook [sic] County Board President Todd Stroger from a TV interview last week. I knew he would have some ‘gems’ of non-wisdom so I had my pen ready.

  2. I couldn’t pinpoint the person but kept thinking Chicago. Now that you’ve named Stroger it comes back to me: I’ve heard Eugene Mullins, Stroger’s spokesperson, talk like this.

  3. IL Rep. Danny Davis probably has the best bet in beating Stroger in the next election, as long as his health stays good. I would like to see the residents of Cook County put out of their misery, although they voted the guy in themselves. Then again, Stroger’s competition, Tony Peraica, probably should take some anger management issue classes to crank it down a notch. That guy looks angry even when he is not speaking.

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