Stone Corner Farm

farmhouse w/sculptures

John and Cindy Barnhart bought an abandoned 7-acre farm southeast of Oregon and began growing vegetables on it. Open for business four years now and certified organic, Barnhart’s Stone Corner Farm Market is certainly about the land and the food, but it’s also about stewardship of a singular piece of local history.

Photography by Janet Fawcett. main wall

rock pile detail

The farmhouse is original, built in the mid-1800s and owned by Civil War vet Virgil Reed, who started the rock collection and chiseled names, dates and places of pioneers and Civil War vets on some of them. (See old photos of the farm here.) A later owner got rid of the stones, but John has worked to bring them back. Rocks of many sizes and shapes form a wall and sculpture garden. They hang as ornaments from the trees that surround the house. Below: “Hen on Nest” and other finds.

hen on nest
se view

hanging rock

Rocks aren’t the only collection on the farm.
lincoln hwy plate
lincoln on ford

red hen house
To the right is one of the hen houses, new with classical music piped in at low volume. The hens sing along softly to the music. Stone Corner eggs are great, btw. The critters below are happy campers, too…

pigs have a happy

…and so are we.

Barnhart’s is open 4-7 weekdays, 8-6 Saturdays and Sunday 1-5, but not year round. They’ll close for the season sometime in October. Contact info is here.

Additional photos:

Larger version of the stone wall & house

Larger view of the Model A

Additional sculpture

Wide view of scupture garden

Real hens

mineral detail

3 thoughts on “Stone Corner Farm”

  1. Hi John and Cindy!!! Here is Ala, from Australia now. I miss coming to your beautiful farm. It is really one of the most amazing farms I ever went to. How are you guys doing? I hope you and the farm are blooming!
    I am also wondering if you got the rocks (from Northern Territory, Australia) I left for you at the co-op before I left the country. I would love to hear from you guys! Cindy, are you still learning more homemaking? I made soaps, sourdough bread, sauerkraut, and soon I am taking workshop on how to make cheese, butter, kefir, ghee, and yogurt. I miss you and the farm!!!
    Love to you and all the best. I hope to see you again one day!!!

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