One thought on “TIFs in Plain English”

  1. Yes.

    I’ve been doing some reading on some of the central Illinois towns we visited the past week. Several are only a fraction of the size of DeKalb, yet they have as many or more TIFs so the working hypothesis is that the TIFs are very limited in size. None have Home Rule. Still looking at taxing rates. One can find this at the IL Dept. of Commerce site.

    I also read, “It’s the Mayor, Stupid”

    In 2006, when Daley was gearing up for his reelection campaign, he proudly proclaimed that thanks to his vision and leadership the budget was balanced and no new taxes would be needed. But lo and behold, once he was reelected, he discovered that the city was facing a $217 million deficit that could only be covered by raising fees, fines, and $83 million in property taxes.

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