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  1. Yinn Maybe you or one of the readers can help explain a few things to me. I have read and heard several times that by laying off 3 FF overtime will increase and then cost more than the actual salaries of those laid off. What I don’t understand is how that can be? When the city laid off those guys didn’t they also reduce the minimum number of FF that would be on duty. If they did that there there would be no need to pay OT to cover the shifts the number needed per shift was lowered.

    Also if there is a fire and a shift recall is ordered wouldn’t fewer people be recalled thus resulting in less overtime?

    Same holds true for a department recall since there are less people wouldn’t there be less OT?

    What realy drives the increase in OT is the increase in Base Pay not the numbers of hours that are worked on OT.

    Another point is that on any given day there is a minimum of 12 FF on duty. Do we know how there are assigned per station. Are they now only assigning 2 to the South side? Are they assigned 4 per station? How are they actually assigned?


  2. Pevo, staffing is described here:


    I cannot imagine DeKalb High School opening back up that side of the train tracks and no fire truck.

    I have not been able to sleep well since the report on 2/14 came out this week. I seriously doubt anybody was sitting in their office with their bean counter on 2/14. I hope no one broke out the slide rule when the one fraternity, then the other burned more recently.

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