Almost-Live Blog for Council Meeting

Alderman Teresinski has been reporting on happenings in his ward and did so again tonight. What a novel and refreshing use of Agenda Item L, Reports & Communications. He gets points for that.

I was disappointed that my own alderman, Mr. Gallagher, had nothing to say about last week’s Economic Development Committee meeting since almost half of it was about the deterioration of South 4th Street. IMO he is too much the Re:New DeKalb cheerleader and not hooked enough into his own ward. A ward committee would be just the ticket, don’t you think?

Three months after it is issued, the EPI report finally makes an agenda! Having meetings devoted to its recommendations is a good start, though trying to pretend that public input has been valued in the past is bogus. “Squeaky wheel.” “Only complainers come to meetings.” But I am open to a new start. Put an EPI forum on the city’s website and you can color me impressed.

Mayor Povlsen left a voice mail message about meeting with me today. You’ll be the first to know what comes of it.

Is there any interest in council meeting live-blogging? Let me know. Could be fun.

2 thoughts on “Almost-Live Blog for Council Meeting”

  1. Good find. A few weeks ago I noted (in the STAR posting or comments) a city manager who blogs on complex issues. Implementation of EPI recommendations will involve epic policy decisions and is worthy of putting as many good heads together as possible to discuss the implications. Some sort of e-forum would allow greater participation and the kind of hashing out that can’t ordinarily be achieved with the usual council meeting format. It would take guts and a commitment to egalitarianism that we don’t normally observe of this group, but if they chose to do it I would enthusiastically promote it, perhaps volunteer to help moderate if needed.

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