Choose to Reuse: Update

Update: Bumped up because this event totally rocked. The group filled at least two big rooms at Sawyers (plus whatever came in early Saturday that might have overflowed into a third) with both the expected (books, kitchenware) and the unexpected (greenware, skis). Afterward, there was so little left over, in terms of volume I estimate well over 90% had left the building with happy new owners. Disclosure: I helped a little and met some great people.

Here’s a twist on the Freecycling idea. Saturday, June 6, 8a-4p, the DeKalb chapter of Being the Change will hold a “free garage sale” called “Choose to Reuse” at the Sawyer Imports building.

Drop off your usable items the evening before, 5-9 p.m. or on the day, 6-8 a.m. Bring in only the small stuff; large items such as furniture should be described on index cards (photos attached if you like) along with contact info so the interested parties can make their own transport arrangements.

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