Municipal Morality

If you peruse the city’s check registers you start getting a feel for certain patterns. Based on a sample of five months over the past 15, DeKalb on average pays out about $5000 per month on cell phone service, $600 for locks and keys, maybe up to $1000 or so for janitorial supplies and sometimes more than $1000 for janitorial services.

Some entries bespeak the good life on our dime. A few jump to mind: the $145 framed photo of “B Foster” that you will have to visit the airport to see; what appears to be the entire Wogen family getting into great shape to the tune of $299 per annual gym membership; and several happy TIF Fund recipients, not the least of which are the venerable Hitchcock Design Group. I have not spotted a payment to Hitchcock for less than $14,500 (yes, for a month) and they frequently bill for much, much more.

But there’s no money for an additional police officer, nor enough to go on supporting the homeless shelter.

2 thoughts on “Municipal Morality”

  1. Those city payouts for gym memberships are frightening as an example of the way DeKalb does business! I believe the city pays 50% of such costs. Last I checked, the savvy county has negotiated an $8/monthly rate for YMCA memberships for its valued employees. This would represent a significant savings while still affording our beloved city staff access to this healthful perk. If only Mr. Wogen had been at the last council meeting, you could have asked him about the charge!

  2. Welcome!

    Yes, the $299 represents 50% of the total cost. There is a wellness bonus, too. While I understand the value of encouraging preventive care, a more modest deal could be sought as you point out; and, during a downturn when basic services are threatened, it’s the only decent thing to do.

    I’m not sure what it’ll take to get spending priorities lined up with our values.

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