Budget Workshop Open Thread

The City of DeKalb could save a million dollars per year by terminating its post-retirement health plan, according to recommendations of Executive Partners, Inc. (pp. 150-152, 173, 184). EPI suggests the plan be discontinued ASAP lest we be eaten alive by it.

Has Council talked about this yet? No.

EPI also recommends one full-time position be eliminated from the city clerk’s office (p. 169). Last night, the clerk’s budget was discussed. Was this recommendation even brought up? No.

All the talk about putting “everything on the table” rings a bit hollow, don’tcha think?

The mayor complained that they were playing to an empty Chamber. He seems not to get it that people don’t want to watch the same dog-and-pony show over and over, or to be derided as the Vocal Few (p. 3).

5 thoughts on “Budget Workshop Open Thread”

  1. Great news! Thanks for posting Rep.Pritchard’s response. Transparency is a concern with many administrations in many districts. Betcha there’s a lot of mumbling going on in many School District offices throughout the State of Illinois.

  2. How humorous is it that the CFAC committee has a new member on it now and his name is David Castle?

    The real humor being attempted here by our Mayor Povlsen and City staff is that the new seating assignment has Mac McIntyre sitting in between David Castle and his Home Rule partner Mike Larson. What a lack of tact being shown by our Mayor. Is this the same Mayor complaining about playing to an empty audience? Who really wants to be treated as a “peasant” by this ruler?

    You’ll really get the community to volunteer for you when you need them Mayor Povlsent if you continue to treat them and thank them this way.

  3. For those who never want to leave Mr. Roarke’s Fantasy Island and who really want to make DeKalb more than it ever could be, here is the latest ranking of the Top 20 Best Places to Live in the World:


    I plead the 5th on having visited eight of those top twenty cities. My dad worked for the airlines before retirement, what can I say?

    So, what makes a city great?

    “. . . political and social environment (including stability, crime and law enforcement); the strength of the economy; restrictions, such as censorship and limitations on personal freedom; the quality of health care as well as exposure to infectious diseases; and school quality. In addition, it looked at recreation, theaters, sports activities, access to grocery markets, the availability and cost of housing, as well as the climate and susceptibility to natural disasters.”

    Look how high crime and law enforcement are on the list!! The only shopping mentioned was “grocery markets.” We have Schnuck’s now which I hear is nice so please get busy on doing something for law enforcement. Our Police Department should not be getting the crumbs of the budget thrown at it.

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