School Transparency Legislation

SB2270 passed the Illinois Senate last month and is now being considered by the House. So far:

Requires school districts to post on their Internet website an itemized salary compensation report for every employee in the district holding an administrative certificate and working in that capacity, including the district superintendent. Sets forth what the salary compensation report must include. Requires the report to be presented at a regular school board meeting, subject to applicable notice requirements, and submitted to the office of the district’s regional superintendent of schools, which shall make copies available to any individual requesting them. With respect to a requirement that a school district post the contract that the school board enters into with an exclusive bargaining representative, requires the school board to provide the terms of that contract online.

Be still my heart.

Sen. Burzynski voted yea (pp. 253-254). Might we expect Rep. Pritchard to support it too? I’ll ask and get back to you. [Update: Yes, he does support it.]

4 thoughts on “School Transparency Legislation”

  1. Is the crowd a little friendlier over here? Man, I’m now be cut down for building expensive homes over at DC blogs. This might be the time to let some younger blood take over.

    This was good to see Sen. Burzynski vote this way, I surely hope Rep. Pritchard does the same.

  2. There are a couple commenters over at DC who should be banned.

    Anyway, when it comes to school transparency, please keep in mind that nearly 40 school districts in Illinois already post this info. District 428 school board and/or administrators could make such a decision any time.

  3. Ivan, at least one of those DC bloggers is a teacher and the rest of them are out of ideas and can only think of the price of your houses.

    Some of the DC bloggers should be evidence enough that the mental health unit at the hospital should be left open. ;-)

  4. Point taken. Just like people really think that students care what the design of the building looks like.

    What is important to students first is that the teacher standing up in front of them knows how to present the information in a way that keeps the students excited. The teachers that consistently strive to make the classroom exciting are the ones who are the most successful and have the least problems with their students. They are also the teachers that many students over the years remember and appreciate the most.

    I know this is a private high school but just about 20 minutes East of here in an industrial park just off of Orchard and Sullivan is Aurora Christian High School. Now, it really was never intended that AC end up at this location in fact they had purchased property elsewhere. Now, really, this high school is in an industrial park and in a “box” warehouse building. A group of investors, from a bank I believe, had this building and property and ended up donating it to Aurora Christian. I mean this building looks like a typical “box warehouse” you’d expect to see semi’s pulling up to. Tuition not cheap at this school, I’ve looked into it, and they have just recently added a brand new football field to this property. They intend to stay in this “pre cast concrete box” and have listed if not sold the other property. They are staying in this building.

    Enrollment is climbing where other private schools have shown a decreased (Driscoll, now closing) or a flatline with their enrollments because they have set up the “INTERIOR” of this building to be condusive to education. They have all the “tools” their instructors need and plenty of space for the classrooms they need today and the future. They have the instructors necessary to promote education to the fullest and thus have some of the highest test scores being seen for college entrance exams. Several perfect scores in fact.

    Yorkville and Plainfield have successful with this also.

    Mac just told me the other day that Plainfield is doing something that you don’t see often. As many know, they have passed several school referendums for over $100 Million each. Due to slowed and declining enrollment (standard now being seen in just about every school district but DeKalb’s, go figure) they are going to referendum again. This time not for additional money but with a reworded referendum asking the community to take back the last $100 Million referendum and give them only $60 Million and that now instead of building a the new schools proposed in the last referendum they would like the $60 Million to fix up the existing buildings and all should be good to go and up to date in that school district.

    Now I know where the common sense has gone to and the fact that this School Board should be given the highest award and citation available for this positive thinking and for their responsibility to their community. I surely applaud them. Too bad we are not in the same presence here with our School Board.

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