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  1. Welcome back yinn and City Barbs. Looking forward to some good discussions again.

    It’s just amazing the little things that people forget to mention when campaign promises are made. Rent, why would someone have thought they would have to pay rent?

    I like the fact now that after the election, I guess that sheet of paper that Mr. Povlsen was waving around at the radio debate isn’t correct after all. Sales tax revenue is down from projections. Thought we questioned that one to death but guess no one was really listening. People must really think the skating rink which opened in December really could save a year of slow sales and to actually be closed half the month due to snow and cold.

    On the school side, now the school board is saying get the budget right. If they have to cut staff, aids, and copy paper along with elementary summer school, haven’t we cut the essentials needed to educate a child in what we’ve learned to be their informative years only then I guess to move on to an oversized and overbuilt high school to become potential truancy problems due to not having the proper educational tools when they really needed it.

    Well yinn, if we’re going to get this City Barbs thing going again, we might just as well stoke the fire. Welcome back and thanks for the hard work and efforts you gave us, we’re proud of you.

  2. # Ed Pevonka Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    I wonder if sitting outside will be “smoke free”

    As soon as I stop laughing, take your choice for the answer:

    1. The state law of no smoking within 15 feet of the door remains in play, at least I believe it is 15 feet.


    2. The city will come up with a new tax and/or fee for smokers.

    I had a nightmare that the rental inspection fee made a come back in the summer of 2009, after most of the NIU students left.

  3. I saw that article too. “Glorified slush funds” are inevitable results of TIF w/o transparency. Also there’s the debt. Quick: How much of the current streetscape project is funded w/borrowed money?

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