5 thoughts on “Rosin Eating Zombies”

  1. A current student commented:

    “WHOA, mrs. nelson is my teacher this year! i was pretty mad caz she made us practice A LOT but i nevr knew that she was recognized like that. wow.”

  2. The DeKalb school board screwed up big time by letting Mrs. Nelson go. Dundee really lucked out. The nameless student above is just beginning to realize how great a teacher they got.

  3. Could there be a direct correlation between the report card for School District 428 and the reasons that this same district allowed this fine teacher to leave our community?

    Interesting in what may be the criterias for keeping accomplished teachers and administrators vs. keeping those who themselves should have been excused a while back.

    Not one of the better moments for the District 428 school board and administration.

  4. Mr. Krpan:

    You bring up an interesting point. As a parent of one of the orchestra students at HMS and now looking at this with more hindsight, there may be some things the district can do to keep and retain quality faculty where appropriate. Perhaps a change of focus toward keeping/retaining/training staff could be considered along with effort put forth to avoid this type of situation at all. It must be terribly embarrassing for 428.

    A good place to start might be an effective mentoring program for non-tenured staff. While no one would like 428 to retain staff when a staff member endangers pupils it would be encouraging to see them try to retain/save staff with an implemented and integrated assistance program (that is transparent for employees and supervisors) so that the excellent teachers are retained.

    The board and administration would have done much better with this situation if communication lines had been opened with the people involved.

    Dist. 428 can and should do better than what they did with Mrs. Nelson.

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