Bailout or Martial Law

According to Rep. Brad Sherman, who organized the “Skeptics’ Caucus” in response to the bailout plan, some members of Congress were told that voting down the bailout package would result in martial law in America.

It runs 9:36. Most of it is about the impending rip-off and what he sees as the alternative, with his description and rejection of the fear-mongering at the end.

The only capitalism left is disaster capitalism, and the government is held hostage to it.

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  1. Without a doubt they used pork as a sweetener to get this through, and I’m aware that sometimes threats are used on the Floor; but the martial law threat, if true, is above and beyond anything I’ve heard before and may I say: completely un-American.

  2. Those of the right and folk like me of the left opposed the bill, so my comments are not in support of it.

    In free speech in the House or Senate no rules of truth, defamation etc. apply (or should they) so you can’t take things said as gospel.

    On martial law; either that was pure panic peddling or perhaps someone said that if the bill weren’t passed, bank panics would occur and people would line up in the streets (like in a wonderful life) and national guard would be needed to prevent riots at banks. I suspect the temporary increase in fdic insurance was the alternative chosen.

    just guessing


  3. OK, get out the Internet rumor widgets and let’s have some fun:

    One of the left leaning news sources/bloggers wrote an article about how a bunch of troops were already deployed and in training, ready for martial law, last week. I could not triangulate that article with other sources as other sources merely parroted or repeated the exact same article. So, there was already one story floating around and being repeated before the vote about troops ready to engage in martial law.

    Well, not quite. I traced back to what I believe is the origin of the rumor that got spread into ‘truth’ about military troops ready to go into American streets and put down chaos by instilling martial law.

    Here is the group of soldiers who are ‘supposed to be ready’ to carry out martial law, and this is what they were really doing:

    That article’s synopsis made it into a Homeland Security report a few days later. I bet the media read the HS report while overlooking the original article from a few days prior, and interpreted it as being more than it really was. By overlooking the original article about training in case of a terrorist attack (the list of “national emergencies”), it went from training for a possible second 9/11-like attack to troops training and getting ready to carry out martial law because national emergency, like a financial meltdown.

    Because the media got a little sloppy, the rumors of deployed troops ready for martial law went out. Anyone checking on the rumors in Congress of martial law would have thought there were stories in the media to back that up, and that those troops were already ready to do it. In this case, just Googling something is not good enough. I would love to be able to go ask Congressional aids if they checked on the martial law story and what sources they used, that is if anyone thought to or bothered to check out the martial law story.

    I hope that made sense. The chain of misinformation and how it spread is clear in my head, although I may not have explained it very well.

  4. Russia suspended trading for a couple of days because their markets were falling so fast.

    Think about 1929; someone would have needed to use a telephone and/or telegraph (maybe not quite a telegraph), and whatever those devices are called that produced ticker tape. Imagine the information coordination going on in trading to cause that crash. Now imagine how much faster that information can spread, and how much faster money can change hands. Is what might have taken all day to crash from Point A to Point B in the past now able to produce a crash in just the last hour of trading, or even faster?

    The short explanation of all this is: Would technology enable a panic sell off to sell off even faster than in the past?

    Side note: I find the after hours trading bizarre, in that it almost just does not matter if the markets are open or closed, there are still transactions taking place.

  5. I thought local contractors needed some work. With the number of paint, tree, and bush people not returning phone calls, not showing up for appointments to do estimates I am encountering, it sure does not seem like people need work.

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