DAWC Update

This is a bit late but I was just reading the latest DeKalb Area Women’s Center newsletter and suddenly couldn’t stand not letting you know what happened with DAWC. I’m late because some of the group involved in helping clear the fallen chimney bricks off the roof and out of the garden are quite reluctant to have any sort of deal made of them. OK, so I just won’t name names of the neighbors who dedicated several hours of a beautiful Saturday to the job of making DAWC safer and more attractive. Hats off to these modest folks in whom the spirit of community resides.

[UPDATE 9/20: I am so glad now to have received permission from Ivan Krpan to mention his involvement in the project, because 1) without his amazing machine the roof could not have been cleared, and 2) we should recognize people’s following through on their promises wherever we can. Woot! Woot!]

3 thoughts on “DAWC Update”

  1. I would also like to thank an employee of mine that I called up out of bed that morning after realizing that I needed someone in the basket to take the chimney down. He along with his parents used to own and run DeKalb’s Candle Light Inn. A big thanks to Mickey Halikias for stepping up and refusing pay from me. What makes this more interesting is that Mick is a bit afraid of heights. I think he still is but knows how to handle it better. Give him a pat on the back if and when you see him around.

  2. I sure will, and it was wonderful to meet one of the family for whose establishment I have such fond memories. A gem discovered soon after we moved to DeKalb, it was a place grownups could go to after work with a few friends, low-key, and we could hear each other talk; bad behavior not tolerated.

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